APA and Torture

I joined a profession with a racist, homophobic, and Eurocentric foundation. I did so because at the age of 16, I took a psychology course and decided that I would become a psychologist to help people, and despite the horrible origins, I’ve been able to do so. I’ve been actively involved in my field, because I believe in change from within. I wholeheartedly believe we’ve come a long way, even as we have further to go still. So, when the Hoffman Report indicated that there had been collusion between the American Psychological Association and the Department of Defense around torture during interrogation, I wasn’t surprised. I was disappointed and disgusted. We have much further to go.

I apologize, as a psychologist, to anyone who has lost trust in what we do. I apologize to people who have been tortured under our watch. We’re supposed to help people heal and grow. Our call is to do good, not harm. I won’t use the “I wasn’t a psychologist when this was going on” or “I was lied to” excuses. The reality is I am a psychologist, and I represent the profession. I own this, and I am committed to being a part of organizational and professional change that eliminates any harm.

, by : Dr. Candice Nicole