On Self-Identifying

The way we describe, define, and identify ourselves is often an interpersonal process. The world understands, observes, and decides who you are to them, and you can accept that decision without thought. That may work in some ways. It takes less cognitive energy to allow imposed identities sometimes. And yet, when we define ourselves for ourselves, per Audre Lorde and others, there is power, regardless of whether the world calls you by your name.

As a qualitative researcher, a sexologist, and a psychologist (in the professional research sense until I receive my license), there are a number of things I do that inform what I call myself professionally. Today, I happened upon a word that feels like a fit: Bricoleur. It sums up the integrated nature of my work, because I draw upon many methods, fields, and theories. It has French origin, and I’ve studied and appreciated the French language since adolescence. It has audacity, because it sounds much fancier than I feel most days. But, I really like it, and it works for now.

So call me Dr. Candice Nicole, the sex psychology bricoleur.

, by : Dr. Candice Nicole

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