How to Spend a Sensual Saturday

Take a nice, warm shower – or get even more sensual and take a bubble bath. Gently exfoliate. Remove excess hair if you prefer smooth skin.

Wash and condition your hair with a delicious-smelling shampoo.

Oil your scalp and hair as needed. (For my locs, this is a three hour process, but I deserve it.)

Leave your hair down and untied.

Oil/moisturize/butter your skin in something that smells amazing. Take your time and massage it in the way a high end spa would. Leave no body part without a glow.

Brush and floss your teeth.

Spray on your favorite sexy scent.

Put on something made of a fabric that feels luxurious against your skin and looks lovely on you.

Turn on a Sensual Song Playlist.

Make love to yourself or your partner slowly, all day.



, by : Dr. Candice Nicole

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