White Allies Talk To Your Kids About Charlottesville

Yesterday White Supremacist rioters were in Charlottesville with torches, echoing Klan rallies of what some people thought were US history. It isn’t history to many people with marginalized identities in the US. It is familiar.

Yesterday White Supremacist rioters engaged in violence and terrorism, beating people and running over others with a car. One woman, Heather Heyer, was murdered in this intentional car crash. She was a White woman protesting against White Supremacy.

Yesterday some Republican and Democrat leaders named this terrorism, but the US President did not.

These are some starting points for having a developmentally appropriate dialogue with your kids about what is happening in Charlottesville.

Start the conversation with them.

Answer their questions honestly.

When they ask you what you have done to help, have something you’re proud to say.

, by : Dr. Candice Nicole

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