Black Lives Matter Meditation

As a counseling psychologist, a healer, and a Black woman with a love ethic to my activism, this project is one of my contributions to the Movement for Black Lives. I was trained to use guided meditation and loving kindness to reduce stress at Emory University in their counseling center’s Stress Clinic, and recently I […]

Transgender Day of Remembrance

This blog entry from the American Psychological Association’s Public Interest Directorate reminded me to #SayHerName today.  

Straight Outta Compton: How Hip Hop, Misogynoir, and HIV Affect Black Men

The movie was well done. It privileged the lives of young, Black male protagonists from poor neighborhoods who built an entertainment legacy that continues to shape our media. In a delicate, yet powerful way, Straight Outta Compton wove a sexual health theme that tied misogynoir, hip hop and HIV together for Black people. We watch […]

Serena, Black Cis-Female Sexiness, and Heterosexism

You saw the picture. What did you do with the imagery? Where did you catalogue it in your spectrum of attractiveness? How does your race, gender, and sexual orientation impact said cataloguing?

Flirting as the Key to Marriage Happiness

Not with someone else, but with your partner, for those who have wandering eyes and minds. According to research conducted by one of my colleagues at UK, Brandi Frisby, flirting enhanced attraction for one’s partner, which in turn improves marital satisfaction. Imagine that it could be as simple as telling your woman her butt looks […]