What Does Liberation Look Like?

The officer who murdered Philando Castile was found not-guilty this week. I am sad, but I am not surprised. Most people I know are not surprised anymore, and that sticks to me. I often think about the importance of being at the table, so that we can revise and recreate the systems that allow this […]

How to Spend a Sensual Saturday

Take a nice, warm shower – or get even more sensual and take a bubble bath. Gently exfoliate. Remove excess hair if you prefer smooth skin. Wash and condition your hair with a delicious-smelling shampoo. Oil your scalp and hair as needed. (For my locs, this is a three hour process, but I deserve it.) […]

Womb War: Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues Among Women of Color

Five health care providers. Four ultrasounds. One MRI. Ending a birth control regimen. Six months of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Six-month course of liquid iron. Maca root supplements. Blackstrap molasses. Apple cider vinegar with the mother. Womb realignment massage. Fasting. Prayer. Meditation. Raspberry leaf tea. Two-part hysteroscopic (vaginal) myomectomy. Geritol. Starting new birth control regimen. […]

A Simple Recommendation for White Allies

When you set a meeting to discuss a social justice issue, choose a space, neighborhood, or establishment that is non-White. The White habitus is pretty dominant, and most of us live in it so much that it may be a challenge to think of spaces where most people wouldn’t be White. And unfortunately, most people […]

Top Five Sensual Songs

The psychology of sensual, sexy music interests me because I love to know what turns people on. Is it a slow melody with heavy bass, or is it a certain harmonious guitar riff that gets you going? Studies have shown that music affects our moods, such that playing sensual songs all day can subconsciously make […]