Because Control Feels Safe: A Poetic Articulation of How to Stop Saving these Bros

Because control, even the appearance of control, feels safer than vulnerability, we reach around our own wound to fix his. I’m talking to my sisters who hunt when they want to be found, give when they want to receive, push and pull when they just want to be. If I’m not talking to you, then […]

Life, Livelihood, or Luxury: How Social Justice Feels Threatening To People With Privilege When It Usually Isn’t

A recent conversation with some colleagues confirmed a theory I’d been floating around about how people interpret the potential consequences of engaging in social justice work. For so many people with multiple privileged identities (any combination of White, male, cis-gender, heterosexual, able body, middle class or higher, Christian, etc.), even saying the words social justice […]

How I Found My Dope Husband

I didn’t. He found me. And the moral of the story is, if you really don’t want to be a hunter, stop hunting sis. There is absolutely nothing wrong with pursuing a partner if that’s truly who you are. I don’t buy into gender roles for tradition’s sake. As a womanist, I had to reconcile […]

How to Initiate a Sex Talk with Your Kids when You Feel Awkward

Hey Parents, I know it has been on your mind. You want to talk about sex with your kid, but you feel so awkward that you have avoided it up until now. It makes sense that you feel this way, because you may not have even had someone talk to you about sex. You may […]

Black Lives Matter Meditation

As a counseling psychologist, a healer, and a Black woman with a love ethic to my activism, this project is one of my contributions to the Movement for Black Lives. I was trained to use guided meditation and loving kindness to reduce stress at Emory University in their counseling center’s Stress Clinic, and recently I […]