Six Day Sexual Submission Challenge

So…submission is a tricky word, but I chose to go with it because this will be a week of giving generously of your sexual self. I don’t mean submission in the BDSM way, unless that is what you like. If you like it, go for it. I don’t mean submission in the “I’m less than you because I’m a woman” way. Not okay. I mean submission in the giving without expecting to get way, the releasing your resistance to sexual pleasure way, the opening back up to desire and arousal way. It may surprise you how this type of submission may actually benefit you too. In submitting to your husband* in this way, you’re actually submitting to the return of your sexual self.

As you may be guessing, this challenge isn’t like the others.

You won’t be doing butt lifts for 30 days to get a better body.

You won’t be eating frozen broccoli pops for Facebook.

You’ll be doing a challenge to spark your sexual desire and open you up to sensational sex.

Here’s the catch. The approach is counter-intuitive, but it’s time to try something new if you’re like many women who want a sensational sex life.

You’ll be giving fellatio to your husband everyday this week…

with no returning of the favor.

You have to decide whether you’re going to keep this a secret from your husband before hand or let him know what you have in store. Some people really like the element of surprise and others prefer planning a tryst (I really like this word used by my colleague Dr. Laurie Mintz). Decide what works for your marriage.

I know you’ve probably been tired, and that has affected how often you have sex and how good it is. This may feel like just one more thing on your to do list. Or maybe you have lost touch with what actually feels good to you – a part of you is numb to the deliciousness of desire. For whatever reason, you found this challenge, and it’s going to be an amazing journey. I can’t wait to hear how the Sexual Submission Challenge works for you.

Connect with me here if you want to join this challenge. (Just type “I submit.” in the comment box.)

Each day I will email you a brief Sexual Submission challenge. They will be easy to read and fun to follow. The only rule will be that you refrain from having vaginal sex or receiving manual or oral sex until you’re done with the six days.

Email me at at the end of the challenge to share your story!


*This is for women married to men, but I have some great stuff coming for the single women, same gender loving women, and other women soon.