The new RISE^2 Research Team has a two-fold focus. We study Relationships, Intimacy, + Sexual Enrichment and Race, Intersectionality, + Social justice Engagement. This year we have a few projects in progress:

  • The Healing Racial Trauma Study
  • Men and Relationship Help Seeking
  • Black Sexuality and Gender Roles
  • Sexual Pleasure Among Black Students
  • How to Love a Human
  • Heterosexual Identity Development Among Black Men of Caribbean Descent


I am excited about my new social justice oriented research project. I center love as the core of social justice, from the perspective of people with marginalized identities. The main point of inquiry – what would the world be like if it loved you? You can find out more about it at:

How to Love a Human

We recently wrapped up our study of first time and last time sexual encounters for Black university students. I am excited to share these stories in the articles our team will publish. Qualitative research is awesome, because we get to sit with people, hear about their lives in their own words, and then use their stories to create something that can be shared with researchers in international journals. But, the goal is to always make what we write accessible to people who aren’t just researchers, but to people who make policy, people who create sex education, and people who are most affected by the things we study.

Introducing the RISE^2 Research Team