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Training students at Emory's Rollins School of Public Health
Training students at Emory’s Rollins School of Public Health


I facilitate talks, trainings, and workshops on relationships, intimacy, and sexual enrichment for individuals, couples, universities, and professionals. I also offer talks, trainings, and workshops on social justice and leadership – how the two intersect and as distinct subjects – as well as healing racial trauma. These interactive sessions range from one hour to two-day weekends. The curriculum is adapted for each group’s needs.

I facilitate retreats, which are more therapeutic and intensive than workshops. These run from a two-day weekend to a five-day week, and the focus is on repairing and rebuilding relationships, intimacy, and sexual enrichment. Currently, these are for couples only.


I offer therapy for individuals, couples, and small groups on relationships, intimacy, and sexual enrichment through the RISE Center. Issues may include increasing desire or pleasure, cultivating intimacy, enhancing communication, reducing/eliminating sexual dysfunctions, and other sexual health issues. I am a safe space for people identifying as LGBTQIQ.

I also offer therapy for racially/ethnically marginalized individuals and groups focused on healing racial trauma through the Center for Healing Racial Trauma.


Presenting on Racial Trauma at UGA

I consult with media on issues related to sex and relationships, social justice issues, and leading with love, including magazines, podcasts, and radio.

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